Podcast (October): Evelyn Waugh

In 2020 The Catholic Reading Challenge is reading 24 different short stories by 12 different authors. Each month we will focus on one author, reading two stories by that author. At the end of the month we will discuss both stories in a single podcast episode.

I’ve really been looking forward to this month’s author. I will say right up front that these two stories are picked rather at random, as I have not read any of Waugh’s stories. I have read two of his novels: Brideshead Revisited and Helena, both of which I really enjoyed. Helena captured a special place in my heart, perhaps because of the way he beautifully sketched a saint that is still fairly mysterious to us. As for Brideshead, it’s getting to be time for a re-read, I believe.

At any rate, I’m thoroughly looking forward to sampling Waugh’s ability with the short story genre. I’ve heard good things, but I’ve also heard that readers have fairly distinct opinions about whether they prefer his novels to his short stories. It should make for an interesting point of discussion on the podcast. Perhaps this is your first taste of Waugh’s writing. If so, I would encourage you, regardless of what you think of his stories, to try one of his novels next.

Copyright 2020 Jessica Ptomey