Home in the Church: Living an Embodied Catholic Faith

More and more, Catholic individuals, families, and parishes feel the pull to conform to the conventions of modern culture. Home in the Church offers a substitute to Catholics living in the modern world―calling them back to a distinctly Catholic way of living and vision of Mother Church as the home on earth that is leading them to their heavenly home. Catholic Convert, Jessica Ptomey, describes her journey to a more embodied Christian faith in the Catholic Church, and she invites readers to the same experience―whether they are cradle-Catholics or seekers like her former self. Within Home in the Church, readers discover or re-discover the various elements of church liturgy, teaching, and tradition that help believers to live a faith that is embodied―lived out body, mind, and soul. Home in the Church discusses the embodied nature of faith in the home, in the celebrations of the liturgical calendar, in the liturgy of the Mass, in personal prayer, in the intercession of the saints, in the sacraments, and in a redemptive view of suffering.

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