Wonder & Whimsy: New Format

A weekly curation of quotations I come across in my reading life (or on random condiment jars) — from the inspirational to the miscellaneous. Perhaps one inspires you or catches your fancy too…

Robert Louis Stevenson:

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

A good perspective on suffering from St. Francis de Sales:

“Do not wish for crosses unless you have borne those well which have already been offered to you.” (Introduction to the Devout Life, p. 225)

Flannery O’Conner:

“…discovering the church is apt to be a slow procedure but it can only take place if you have a free mind and no vested interest in disbelief…” (Habit of Being, p. 231)

Sarah Mackenzie on reading aloud as a family:

“The stories we read together act as a bridge when we can’t seem to find another way to connect. They are our currency, our language, our family culture. The words and stories we share become a part of our family identity.” (The Read Aloud Family, p. 38)

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