GoodRead: The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion

I was able to get my hands on a galley copy of The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion in order to review it here, and I am so glad that I did! I have had the privilege of praying with this book of daily reflections for the past month, and it has refreshed my prayer life in wonderful ways. The book, edited by authors Lisa Hendey and Sarah Reinhard, is a compilation of reflections by many different writers. There are many devotionals out there by single authors — great ones. But this book is unique in its multi-vocal quality. You hear the voices of many different women — some like you, some different from you — and I found that really valuable.

As a mom seeking to grow in my prayer life, I am always grateful for a fresh perspective, a different vantage point. As I read through various entries each day, I was struck by the beautiful diversity of Catholic motherhood that is represented in these pages. It reminds me of what St. Therese says about all the different kinds of flowers. The wildflower is not less beautiful than the rose or the lily; they are just different beauties in God’s garden. The diversity is God’s design. Diversity is important for the edification of the body of Christ, and books like this help with that edification — particularly in the flourishing of our prayer lives.

Here are a few additional things that I liked about the Prayer Companion, and I think a lot of other Catholic moms will appreciate these too:

  • The reflections are short! No matter what stage of motherhood you are in — even the crazy busy or crazy sleep-deprived stages — you have time for this. These brief reflections usher you quickly into a state of contemplation and prayer.
  • The reflections are connected to the liturgical calendar. The feast day is listed at the top of the entry, and the reflection is themed around it.
  • Each month is centered on a theme. For example, January is “resolution.”
  • The reflections move you to personal reflection and meditation. After the reflection and a short prayer, there is a “ponder” snippet. These few sentences call on you to examine your own heart, and I found these to be great jumping off points for morning meditation with the Lord.

The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion will be released on Amazon August 29, 2016; and it is available for pre-order there now. If you are not a mom, you may know one who would love the gift of a copy. I know this book will be one on my list to give out this Christmas!