Conference Presentations

  • 2014 – Religious Communication Association’s Pre-Conference, Chicago, IL. Panel: “The Presence of our Catholic Past(s) in Communication Scholarship: Philosophical and Theoretical Sameness and Difference in Communication Scholarship Between Cradle-Catholics and Catholic Converts.” Paper: “A Multi-Vocal Utterance of Catholic Converts in Protestant-Catholic Dialogue: Applying Relational Dialectics Theory as a Method of Rhetorical Analysis.”
  • 2013 – National Communication Association’s Annual Conference, Washington, DC. Paper 1: “Evidence of a Dialogical and Dialectical Protestant-Catholic Relationship in Evangelical Responses to the Selection of Pope Francis: Applying Relational Dialectics Theory to Inter-Faith Public Discourse and ‘Dialogue.’” Sponsor: Religious Communication Association. Paper 2: “Abandoning the Rhetorical Framework of Christian Apologetics for ‘Embodied’ and Liturgical Confessions of Faith: Connecting the ‘Cultural Liturgies’ of James K. A. Smith to Evangelical Public Discourse.” Sponsor: Religious Communication Association.
  • 2011 – National Communication Association’s Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA. Panel: “New Voices in the Church: How Marginalized Groups Join the Discussion.” Sponsor: Religious Communication Association. Presentation: “Unwelcome Voices and Unwelcome Questions: The Pattern of Silencing Discussions that Challenge Conventional Theology within the Evangelical Tradition.”
  • 2010 – National Communication Association’s Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA. Panel: “How Evangelical Churches are Using Web2.0 to Build Bridges to their Local, National and International Communities.” Sponsor: Religious Communication Association. Presentation: “Social Media Church-Speak: Evangelical Rhetoric about Web 2.0.”
  • 2008 – National Communication Association’s Annual Conference, San Diego, CA. Roundtable Panel: “When the Online Student Becomes the Online Teacher: Unconventional Students, Unconventional Teachers, Unconventional Platforms.” Sponsor: Masters Education Section. 
  • 2007 – National Communication Association’s Annual Conference, Chicago, IL. Panel: “Mediated vs. Traditional Ministry: Methods of the Evangelical Ministries of Tony Campolo, C. S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, and Billy Sunday.” Sponsor: Religious Communication Association. Presentation: “Francis Schaeffer: Communicating the Christian Worldview through Different Channels.”
  • 2007 – Regent University’s online colloquium, School of Communication & the Arts, Virginia Beach, VA. Paper: “Art Media as Cultural Communication: Francis Schaeffer’s Contribution to the Theories of Baudrillard, Burke, and McLuhan.”