Jessica D. Ptomey, Ph.D.


Hi, I’m Jess — a Catholic, wife, mom, author, blogger, academic, and Communications professor. I blog primarily here on my site, but I am also a regular contributor at I write about topics relevant to the daily life of Catholics and Christians, including the domestic church, Christian spirituality, and living the liturgical year. I am passionate about people living out an embodied Christian faith, and much of what I write talks about how we actually do that.

As an academic and rhetorical critic, I explore topics at the intersection(s) of communication, Christianity and culture.  Being a Catholic convert and former Evangelical-Protestant, I have an equally vested interest in examining the public discourse of both faith traditions and their impact on culture. My published work and academic presentations also address the state of Protestant-Catholic dialogue. My doctoral research background and current writing projects examine the symbolic function of language in Christians’ public discourse.

My professional Communications background is in the fields of Journalism and Public Relations. I have worked with various non-profit organizations in the DC area on projects involving advertising and women’s health, public relations, and media advocacy.

I received my B.A.  in Communications from Bryan College (Dayton, TN); and my M.A. in Journalism and Ph.D. in Communication Studies are both from Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA). I live in the Maryland suburbs of DC with my husband and four children.